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Marketing & Consulting
Functions as Liaison Office in Japan for Overseas Manufacturers and Agricultural Products Producers' Associations
Yamano & Associates serves domestic and overseas clients by functioning as their liaison, which is essential to be successful in Japan. We support our clientsf business development activities by proposing business plans, introducing products, connecting directly with catering service providers, retailers, and importers immediately involved in marketing and planning, and by creating and implementing sales promotion plans.
Japanese Representative of the Florida Department of Citrus
Florida is the major citrus production center in the USA. The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) is a non-profit organization established to protect and promote the citrus production industry in the State of Florida, the second most important revenue provider after the tourism industry in the state.
Yamano & Associates has been serving FDOC as its liaison office in Japan for over 20 years, during which time the FDOC has dramatically increased its export of citrus fruits to the Japanese market. Yamano & Associates works not only to expand business with importers and fruit traders but also to enhance consumer awareness about the benefits of citrus products for health and beauty. The sunburst logo used for citrus products from Florida is the FDOC-certified logo and guarantees the worldfs highest quality. The FDOCfs certification criteria are tougher than the criteria of the Federal Government. This logo is a very privileged logo that is allowed to be used by only grapefruit produced in Florida that has passed the FDOCfs strict quality standards.

California Cherry Advisory Board
The California Cherry Advisory Board represents sweet cherry growers (Bing, Rainier, Lambert, and Van varieties) and packers in California. CCAB supports industry with marketing activities in the US and international markets. Yamano & Associates acts as international promotion representative for CCAB in Japan managing trade relations and marketing activities. This includes conducting nationwide sales promotions, and consumer and media campaigns.
SPC Ardmone Operations Ltd
SPC Ardmona Operation Ltd. produces selected fruits in Australia.
The largest canned food manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere, SPC Ardmona Operation Ltd., is located in the Goulburn Valley in the state of Victoria. This valley is the major fruit production center in Australia and supplies 95% of fruit from deciduous trees for processing. It is perfect for cultivating fruits such as pears and yellow peaches. In addition to the mild climate and ideal soil, clear water supplied through a vast irrigation network favors the growth of these trees.
Australia is strongly protected from pests that cause serious damage in other countries because it is surrounded by oceans and the government operates a stringent quarantine system. The use of pesticides is controlled and kept to a minimum. In addition, the government does not allow genetically-modified food products.
American Safety Razor Company,Ltd.(ASR)
With annual sales of US$350 million, American Safety Razor Company, Ltd. (ASR) is the worldfs third-largest razor manufacturer. Yamano & Associates has continued to represent ASR in Japan for eight years.
ASR ensures stable supply of reasonably price, high-quality products manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and know-how accumulated during its history of over 120 years. ASR supplies private branded products to major chain store operators in the US, Europe, and to retailers such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, The Body Shop, Boots, ASDA, and Safeway.

PR & Marketing Communications
Yamano & Associates supports its customers in maximizing their market value and visibility of their brands and products fully utilizing its multifaceted communication techniques and marketing know-how. We support our clientsfmarketing activities through active and strategic PR activities using various media, and can also promote the sales of target products. Through in-house marketing communication and PR activities, Yamano & Associates is able to control the messages promoted to consumers and effectively reach targeted consumers and potential business partners.
Fruits clinic
Fruits clinic is a website dedicated to inform Japanese consumers about the benefits of fruit consumption integrated into daily diet. Focusing on the merits of including a variety of seasonal fruits, one can experience a healthier lifestyle and well being.
Fruits morning
Fruits morning is a life style choice that offers information on how to include fruits in your daily routine, starting with breakfast. Including seasonal fruits in your breakfast is a great and easy way to supply your body with the recommended daily required nutrients, prepared in an accessible fashion.