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Yamano & Associates introduces lifestyle items into Japan that have a rich historical and cultural background and are of high value and quality. We import products such as the Santa Maria Novella brand and build sales in Japan using directly operated shops as a starting point.
Aanta Maria Novella
The history of the world’s oldest pharmacy, Santa Maria Novella, began in 1221, when monks of the Dominican order working for the Santa Maria Novella monastery formulated remedies, ointments, and analgesics in the apothecary within the monastery using herbs and flowers they grew themselves. In its history of nearly 800 years, Santa Maria Novella developed a great deal of products including the "Water of The Queene" which became the prototype of Eau de Cologne, soaps, hair care products, and room fresheners. These products were the favorite products of royalty and aristocracy of Europe including members of the Medici family.  
Villa Artimino
Artimino is a prestigious brand of wine produced in Villa Artimino; a villa that was owned by the Medici family. Villa Artimino is located on the hill of Pistoia in Tuscany, one of the Italian regions most famous for its scenic beauty. Cosimo I de’ Medici bought the farm and forest in this area for hunting. His son, Ferdinando I de’ Medici, built his favorite villa in this area in 1596. The green woods, blue sky, vineyard, and olive farm, which were once treasures of the Medici family members, still stretch around the villa. The 70-hectare vineyard on the villa premises produces various varieties of grapes. The villa continues to produce high-quality wine inherited from the Medici family. Villa Artimino also operates a hotel and offers wedding and party services. Yamano & Associates imports the historic wine and olive oil from Villa Artimino and markets them in Japan.

OLMO is a manufacturer and marketer of various types of bicycles ranging from high-performance road racers capable of winning international bicycle races to elegantly designed bicycles for pleasure displaying Italian styles. The company was established by the popular bicycle racer Giuseppe Olmo in 1939 by supplying frames to professional road race teams. Called "la Biciclissima," bicycles manufactured by OLMO are highly valued by a wide range of users including top-class road racers.
Ceri was a candle maker retained by the Medici family in the 1300‘s. It now manufactures hand-made frames and has a wide array of original lithograph collections dating from the 16th to 19th centuries. The crest of the Ceri family is a lion holding two candles, representing the original family business. Uncompromising craftsmanship inherited from the Middle Ages, fine artistic sensitivity unique to Italy, and professional woodcarving skills are finely reflected in the handwork of Marco Ceri, the current head of the family. He breathes life into each frame he produces. All lithographs produced by Ceri are fine reproductions of landscapes of Firenze at an old, good time. These landscapes produce a perfect harmony with massive yet elegant frames.
Olschki has been publishing important books for over 100 years in a simple but elegant house in the lush woods on the outskirts of Firenze. Though almost all the books are published in Italian, nearly 50% of sales are from abroad; solid proof that Olschki is an international publisher. Established by Leo S. Olschki in 1886, the company has published more than 100 catalogues including the catalogue of incunabula, the first books printed using metallic type fonts in Europe before the year 1501. Olschki played a leading role in the world’s publishing industry. Due to his outstanding achievements, Leo S. Olschki has received various medals and distinctions, including the Gran Croce della Corona d’Italia granted by Vittorio Emanuele II. Olschki still enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide for its high-quality books with beautiful binding, focusing mainly in the field of cultural sciences. Yamano & Associates imports and sells a select number of books from this unique publisher.
Torrini is one of Europe’s oldest brands of jewelry that dates back to 1369. The logo mark still used today was registered by the founder Jacopus Torrini. This logo consists of a folded four-leaf clover and spur. The four-leaf clover symbolizes good luck in a new venture and the spur reveals Jacopus’ original profession. He was a forger of armors for the knights of the era. Torrini’s high quality designs based on ideas originating from unlimited creative genius and fine handiwork has been handed down from one Torrini to another. These products still have the same appeal they had over 630 years ago.