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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Yamano & Associates has been actively parti cipating in contributing to society in order to fulfill its social responsibility as a corporation. For this purpose, weraise fond for Angels of Florence and participate in programs in Cambodia.,Orphan support and QOL improving program.
Angelss of Florence
The Angels of Florence is a fund established in the USA, and operates in Florence with the objective of restoring fine arts in Florence and other regions of Tuscany. The Arno River that crosses the center of Florence flooded the city on November 4, 1966, burying a large number of fine artifacts in mud. Volunteers who gathered from all over the world to restore and repair these fine artifacts were called "angeli del fango (angels of mud)". Many fine works of art are still left unrestored in Florence. The Angels of Florence Fund was established to save these fine pieces.
As the first step, the restoration of "The Last Supper" of Giorgio Vasari housed in Santa Croce Church was initiated by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure. The restoration of important unearthed articles of the Etruscan Age has also begun with the cooperation of the National Archeological Museum of Florence.
Les Chemins de I'Enfance
Les Chemins de lfEnfance is a small volunteer group that was started by an international group of people who wanted to offer educational opportunities to children who sell things to tourists in the streets of Cambodia to sustain their families. Through events and other programs, Yamano & Associates makes an effort to promote fund-raising activities for these children.
Funds raised by Les Chemins de lfEnfance have been used to construct educational facilities for children who cannot attend public school due to poor transportation facilities or other reasons such as the lack of proper clothes due to poverty. Funds have also been used to dig wells and buy medicines.