In-Market Representation

We function as in-country representative for our clients to help them succeed in the Japanese market. Our service covers everything from business plan formulations, product introductions, importer/distributor identification, sale promotion planning and executions.

PR & Marketing Communication

We support improvement of market value and brand/product recognition by utilizing communication methods that take advantage our deep marketing knowhow. Our proactive and strategic PR activities ensure effective publicities that support our clients’ marketing endeavors.


We offer comprehensive service covering identification of most marketable products from a wide array of overseas products, importation, branding, operation of directly-managed stores, sales, and PR. By making clear the values and differenting qualities, we propose strategies that further add to the value of your products.


  • Market Research

    We conduct thorough analysis of the market and the competition to direct your products to more appropriate market positions. For products new to the market, we can also provide guidance in regulatory and customs affairs, as well as identification and introduction of potential importers/distributors.

  • Representative Office Service

    We work as your representative office in Japan to provide full range of services to introduce and expand your products in the Japanese market. These include recruiting multi-lingual personnel to proposing and implementing sales promoting measures that fit your needs and budget.

  • In-Store Promotions

    Focusing on motivating consumers to purchase products by efficiently and accurately communicating product appeals, we propose effective promotional measures including POS materials, campaigns, and attractive displays, to increase sales.

  • Event Planning and Management

    We can deliver virtually every type of event imaginable, from events that convey product appeals or corporate messages, to cultural events that focus on people-to-people interactions.

  • Overseas Visitation

    We help Japanese companies considering starting new imports to visit potential suppliers overseas.

  • PR

    Utilizing media of all types, we make sure that your product’s appeals are clearly and memorably conveyed to target consumers and ensure that PR activities lead to increased sales.

  • Branding

    We help you develop brand concepts, evaluate market positioning, and making corrections as needed, to create product or service image that sticks.

  • Product Importation

    We can import products overseas on your behalf, taking care of necessary regulatory, customs, and logistics matters and deliver the products to appropriate parties.